Baton Rouge Private Investigator

Baton Rouge Private Investigator

We offer case by case & contractual services!

Accident Investigations
We offer a variety of support services to include taking photos, locating & interviewing witnesses, obtaining written & recorded statements, conducting a scene inspection, and providing dimunition of value assessments.  

Asset Investigations
We will assist you in locating assets to satisfy judgments, debts, etc. to determine the claimant’s financial position. 

Background Checks
Let us help you in completing a background investigation for a potential employee, business partner, nanny, tenant, or a new love interest.  We will thoroughly investigate an individuals criminal records, civil records, public records, bankruptcy & liens, pending lawsuits, property ownership, address history, & social security search.  We will also provide education and employment verification, National Sex Offender Search, Domestic Terrorist Watch List Search, & Driving Records. 

Driver & Vehicle Records:
We can obtain accident reports, copies of tickets, driver's license photos, driving records, title history and perform vehicle registration & insurance searches.  

Examination Under Oath
An examination under oath (EUO) is a formal proceeding during which an insured, under oath and in the presence of a court reporter, is questioned by an insurance company representative.  This enables an insurer to obtain all knowledge and information regarding the facts to decide its obligation and protect against false claims.

Field Visit/Door Knock:

Utilizing a door knock service is a cost effective way for mortgage, check cashing, and auto finance companies to reach out to customers that may have "gone dark" in the default process.  The advantage of using a licensed private investigator is if court testimony is needed.  Service includes but not limited to the following: putting the customer on the phone with your office, pictures of the residence or collateral, verify intentions regarding the loan, obtain contact numbers and employment, and use your scripted contact verbiage.  

Legal Courier:

We will pick up and deliver legal documents, other important papers, packages, highly sensitive evidence or confidential case information. We will also file legal documents at the courthouse and obtain signatures on time sensitive documents.  

Litigation & Pre-Litigation Support
We will provide consulting and support services to solo and small firm attorneys in regards to current and pending cases. The support services offered will range from research and documentation of facts and precedents before a case goes to trial, or assisting in the determination of damages once a case has been tried.  This also includes assisting with medical canvasses, locating & interviewing witnesses, obtaining recorded statements, medical record summary & chronological report, accident investigations, adultery, child custody, civil defense, industrial, & worker’s compensation.

Medical Record Summary & Chronological Report
We will provide detailed investigation of medical records to assist Attorney’s in preparation of personal injury and health related claims.  The medical record summary will be in chronological order so that you may clearly identify significant events and issues. 

Mystery/Secret Shopper
If you own or manage a business, a mystery shopper can save your profits and business by giving a realistic view from a customer's perspective.  Private Investigator's can legally obtain video, gather evidence, are trained to observe, and are unbiased. 

Process Server: 

We will deliver your legal paperwork, subpoenas, and summons to officially notify an individual of their involvement in a court proceeding. 

Skip Tracing-Locates
We will help you find people such as deadbeats, heirs, lost loves, missing persons, relatives, & witnesses.  When available, we will provide you with an address, phone number, email address, bankruptcies, liens/judgments as well as information on the subject's associates and relatives.

We assist with Child Custody Investigations, Workers Compensation Investigations, Insurance Fraud Investigations, and much more.  We will also help you catch a cheater.  We will conduct surveillance and obtain claimant video via camcorder and covert camera.  You will be provided with a detailed report documenting the investigation along with the video obtained.

Vehicle Insurance Policy Limit Locate:

Returns Current/Most Recent Policy Limits. Search requires the Insured’s name, date of birth, address, year/make/model of vehicle, insurance carrier, and the policy number.