Baton Rouge Private Investigator

Baton Rouge Private Investigator

Myths About Private Investigators

Let our private eyes go to work for you!

1. P.I.'s can access protected information: ​P.I.'s can't legally access protected information such as sealed court records, bank accounts, phone records, & credit reports without consent from the Subject unless there is a subpeona or court order.  


2. ​P.I's are just like the police: P.I.'s have the same authority as a civilian.  P.I.'s have to obey the law and can't impersonate individuals to obtain information. P.I.'s also can’t trespass onto other people’s property, bribe someone, or hack into their computer to obtain information.      

​3. P.I.'s can guarantee results: ​ P.I.'s should not make warranties or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, as to the results of any investigation.  A good P.I. will promise to search every nook and cranny for you but sometimes the information just isn’t there, and sometimes the facts may not be what you wanted or expected.  

​4. Can a person with a restraining order against them hire a P.I. to do surveillance or "stalk" the accuser?  Judges that issue Orders of Protection are quick to prosecute those who attempt to break that order through manipulative tactics such as hiring a third party like a local private investigator to do their dirty work.


​The Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator

Private Investigators perform a variety of services for individuals and businesses.  We will be objective and clear headed and provide you with unbiased facts and information regarding the investigation.


  • Background Checks
  • Locate/Skip Trace
  • Surveillance 


  • Pre-Litigation and Litigation Support 
  • ​Background Checks For Prospective Business Partners
  • Mystery/Secret Shoppers
  • Pre-Employment Screening 
  • ​Workers' Compensation Investigation

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